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Achieve A More Even Complexion

With anti-wrinkle treatment

At Fairgrove Skin Clinic in Hitchin, we use Botox® to smooth out dynamic lines, relaxing the muscles which work too hard to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Lines and wrinkles develop uniquely in each of us, depending on a variety of factors such as genetics, bone structure, skin type, lifestyle, and repeated facial movements such as frowning or smiling. The lines which develop due to repeated facial expressions are known as dynamic lines, and tend to be deeper and more visible than general lines and wrinkles associated with the ageing process.

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Relax Facial Contractions

at Fairgrove Skin Clinic

The popularity of Botox® injections only seems to increase, and they remain the most sought-after treatment in the aesthetic industry today for good reasons. Botox® injections can be placed to address a wide range of concerns.

  • Treats frown lines
  • Diminishes the appearance of forehead lines
  • Reduces the appearance of ‘crow’s feet’
  • Relaxes overactive muscles
  • Minimally invasive, with no clinical downtime

Frequently Asked Questions

About Anti-Wrinkle Injections

  • How does Botox® work?

    Anti-wrinkle injections work by blocking the signals which tell your muscles to contract. If you have exaggerated frown lines, for example, Botox® is carefully placed to inhibit the chemical signal which would otherwise result in the bunching of the muscles in the forehead. The effect of Botox® is to weaken the targeted muscle, giving you an even, more youthful appearance.

  • Do Botox® injections hurt?

    Botox injections are minimally invasive, using only the finest needles. Our clients tell us that discomfort is minimal and passes swiftly.

  • Do I have to keep coming back for more Botox® treatments?

    The effect of the Botox injections wears off after 3-4 months, at which point you will see facial movement returning in the treatment area. For this reason, many clients have three treatments a year, spaced 4 months apart, to turn a temporary improvement into a lasting change of appearance.

  • When will I see results of Botox injections?

    Results begin to show after only a few days, developing to their optimal state after about 2 weeks.

Your Journey

Your Consultation

At Fairgrove Skin Clinic we rely heavily on consultation to understand your concerns and desired outcome before drawing up a personalised treatment plan. If there are any risks or side-effects associated with your treatment, we’ll discuss these in full.

Your Treatment

This is when the transformation begins. Whether you’re looking to enhance your lips, define your jawline, or tighten loose skin, our medical nurse prescriber, will bring her knowledge and skill to bear to deliver the results you’re looking for.


Most treatments require some kind of aftercare, ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. We’ll make sure you understand how to look after the areas we’ve treated to protect and maintain your results.

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    “I have been having regular treatment with Megan for about five years and completely trust her ability and professional care when having my Botox done.  I feel in safe hands every time and enjoy my visits as Megan creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere.  I highly recommend Megan as her knowledge and expertise are second to none.”

    Sian Cleak, Hoddesdon

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